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Welcome, on this blog you will get to know about some of the latest and cool technologies. You will find posts related to internet startups, installation of software under Linux platform, small hacks, information related to programming and many more things.  Technology is something that is really changing the way we are living and internet is one of those super power that gives you the access to gain awful lot of information. If something really cool on internet, you will surely get that thing here.

Comment below if you want me to write for you technology/hack/crack/blog.



2 thoughts on “About Site

  1. hey man i recently saw your video on controlling system through voice…
    i was so amazed to see that stuff..And was hoping to have it…Later you shared the source code also i was very happy…Now i want to use it on my system..But i don’t now any thing on software and applications so, can you kindly help me out in installing this cool stuff in my PC, by providing a guide for installations and requirement specification……Hope you help me out in this….


    1. Hi there,
      First of all, there are no any special requirement to run this project, all you need is one PC and one Mic(This will help you to run your application smoothly) and one more thing if the tool that will help you to write the code and that is it nothing more than that.

      For more information you can have a look at the following link, there you will find few of the videos on this application go through all those videos and at the end you will be able to create your own speech recognition application.


      Good luck.

      let me know if i can help any further…

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