I Won’t Let You Down – The Next Viral Video on YouTube

Okay, here is the next big thing. You might have heard a lot about the super viral video “Gangnam Style”, but now you might want to see this video for sure. It is “I Won’t Let You Down” by OK GO. This video has got more than 4 millions views within 24 hours and this number is increasing like anything.

My reviews for this video: It is just Awesome, you don’t normally get to see this type of creative video recorded in just one take and even that too using drone cameras.

In this video, you will get to see things that you do not usually find in normal videos, you will find awful lot of colourful umbrellas 😛  If you talk about cameras, they are using drone cameras, and this video is recorded in just one take (You might not believe but yea, it is true!). You might want to compare this with the super “Gangnam Style”, so i am also sharing that video here.

Let me know in comments below, what do you think about this video and which one do you like the most.


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