How to install Eclipse in Ubuntu 14.04

Eclipse is one of the famous tool among developer community. In this post i am going to share – how to install eclipse in Ubuntu14.04.

Installing eclipse in Ubuntu is as simple as installing and using it under Windows environment. You might be thinking that, it will be problematic to install eclipse under Linux platform. Actually it is not. Compare to windows it is much easier, all you need to do is just follow the steps shown below.

STEP 1: Type this link in your browser –>


On this page you will get to see number of different variants of eclipse (Eclipse for C/C++, J2EE, Java, PHP developers and many more). You can download any of your choice, for this post will download and install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. 


STEP 2: Click on Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Select one you want)


First thing you can do is to select the variant you need. Latest is the Mars Package, so i am going to download that one.

You will be having the various Language/Platform Option on the page. If you just want to work with Java programs and all, click on Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. If you want to build Java web applications, click on Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and so on.

So select the one you want to download. To download the eclipse just click on architecture (32 bit/64 bit) and Operating System in front of the package that you want to download ( In my case, i selected Linux-32-bit/64-bit in front of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers).


STEP 3: Download the Package (Almost done)



STEP 4: Open up the terminal, and go to that directory

Screenshot from 2014-10-26 21:18:54


Once it is downloaded, Right Click on that “…tar.gz” and select EXTRACT HERE.

This will result into a new Folder in that directory named “eclipse”.


Screenshot from 2014-10-26 21:30:55


Open that Folder named “eclipse”.


Screenshot from 2014-10-26 21:32:07


you will see all these files in that folder, now to start eclipse, double click on file named “eclipse”, and here you are.


Screenshot from 2014-10-26 21:34:53

Hope this might be helpful. Share your views and comment below.


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