How to Stop Facebook from using your browsing history

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Many of you might be noticing that, the advertisement that you will be seeing on your facebook account are very much similar to your previous browsing history. Whether you were looking for some Nike shoes or Rafa’s bull logo cap or anything else, so ultimately they were providing you personalized Ads. But sometimes that sucks!! you do not want someone to look for your browsing history and that will surely help and benefit to the advertiser.

Now, if you do not want facebook (And other companies too) to get access to your browsing history, you can surely use this feature called Opt-out. You can not really stop them from using your internet data, but some how using this functionality, you can limit that. So in order to do that you first need to go to this Information About Ads site which will allow you to opt out from sharing your browsing history.

Once you get there, you will get to see following user interface. Make sure, if you are using Adblock or other similar plugin then please disable that.

About AdsAfter disabling the Adblock app, you will get to see the following page with number of different applications which are having access to your browsing history.


Now, you need to find Favcebook Inc. You can do the same thing for other companies as well.  click the check box given in the right side.

Now you need to submit your choice, for that click on “submit your choice”, Capture

Now you are done with that, facebook will no longer be able to access the browsing history. (They can actually do that, and we cant actually stop them from using that. But this thing can help up to some extent). And that is it, you have made it. Capture

Hope this will help you.



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