Fifa world cup Score updates 2014

Hello everyone,

People have started getting crazy about the football world cup 2014 which is going to start from today at Brazil. As Google will be showing you all the updates and which countries will be playing the games today and all sort of information. But as far as i know there is some little time gap between two updates, and that is not good.

In this post i will be sharing few applications and some websites, which will keep all those football fans updated with ups and downs of every second.


So i will first start with the official FIFA world cup 2014 site.




Second is official Twitter account of 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil. This will keep you updated with all the information that you may not be able to get anywhere.



I have one more cool site that i want to share with you. Hope you will like that for sure. Check that out if you haven’t.




Now for all the smart phone and device users. You have got iPhone, Android phone, Android Tablet, iPad, you can download the the really awesome app from 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil. You can download photos, match schedules, all the different match statistics and many more things.

You can download all the mobile device app from the official site of FIFA 2014 world cup Brazil.

Mobile Device App download link :

you can directly download them from the links provided down below.

For iPhone Application :

For iPad Application :

For Android Application :

And do not forget to check this out, all the awards information on the site.

Awards Link :


Hope this will keep you updated with your favorite teams and players.

And yea do not forget to comment your view on who will win the FIFA 2014 cup @Brazil.

I support Spain, what’s yours?




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