Discover the full impact of your research.


This post focuses on discovering the impact of your research profiles(Google Scholar, GitHub, Slideshare etc.)

Researchers usually deal with many different things like Code, Presentations, Publications etc. For each of the above mentioned thing, there are different websites, like for Code we use GitHub, for Presentations we use Slideshare and for Publications we use Google Scholar. All these things are scattered around different sites, but with the help of Impactstory, you can get access to all the stats for your uploads(Slides, code, publications) at one single place. 

Now people are not required to check two or more different websites to get details about citations and views for the uploaded item. All you need to do is go to , register yourself there, integrate your different accounts like Google Scholar, GitHub, Slideshare etc. and you can share your complete profile with the community.

I’m also sharing a snapshot of the Impactstory.

ImageSource :




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