Big Data – New wave of Data

Gathering and processing of huge amount of data is not new, what is new is the speed at which we can now process that data. This is an era of collective intelligence. Every day we create approximately 2.5quintillion bytes of data, it is estimated that 90% of the data which is been generated till now is created in last 2 years alone, and with the help of that thing we can predict what amount of data the world would be dealing within upcoming years, and that lead us to work with the term that is called “Big data”.

Big data is one of the Buzzing word all around now, there are lot of companies working on the processing and manipulation of these data, big data usually means the collection of data that is too big and massive generally in petabyte, and that data can come from many different sources like click streams,sensors, and many other places, it must be processed quickly and which is too hard to be managed by all the existing tools to process those massive amount of data records.

Same way not only the giant companies deals with the massive amount of data but even the Government of any Country are canonical users of Big Data, as they also keep track of massive number of different records for their country which may include information about the people of the country, their growth and many more things. In upcoming post i am going to focus on some of the application of the Big Data in the field of Government, Public sector and the society in general.

For you can also read my publication on “Application of Big data in Government sectorhere


Image Source : Doug Laney


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