IEEE and Springer discards 120+ Computer generated fake Research Papers

Just came across this story today “Springer and IEEE will be removing more than 120 papers from their subscription services after a researcher found they were computer-generated gibberish.” Full story available here.

This is usually a case now a days, there are awful lot of journals who are there just to make monetary profit. They will publish all kinds of crap, they will mention on their sites that they will check for the plagiarism, but i do not think they even might be reviewing them as well. This thing actually affect the whole research community. But i never though we’ll be hearing something like this from IEEE or Springer.

Publishing  a Research paper is very easy now a days, people copy from few papers, combine them into one paper and then they will publish in such sort of Journals which are having their impact factor of more than 2.00. Hell!!! Man that is impossible, even journals from IEEE do not have that much of Impact factor. Those sort of fake journals should be banned, they are actually making a bad impact on research.

Now let me get back to the point and tell you something about the a piece of web application that is been developed by a scientist of MIT in 2005. This will allow you to create a fake or computer generated research paper, and yea that will include some graphs and calculations as well, all you need to do is just give the names of authors. The main purpose of that software was to demonstrate how easily conferences accept meaningless submissions, and they get published. You can check that thing here.

You can create as many papers as want, it works on random data, so each time it will give you new paper.

and do check out the fake research paper generated using above mentioned software: “The Impact of Self-Learning Technology on Artificial Intelligence” by Sir Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  you can also download it from hereImage

For more on fake journals :


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