Online Plagiarism Checker

Hello all,

If you are a researcher or an academician you must be working on your research paper and you want to check out for some “Plagiarism Test” for your paper (I know there many Plagiarism checker available online, but i really like this one ), So for that please check out this link called OAPS. All you need is to upload your doc, It will take some time in processing your data and checking for the matching content ( if available ), but eventually it will provide very informative results.  If there is some content in your paper which is very much similar to other online resource then it will give information about those online resources as well. So you can check that out and verify that. The only thing that i don’t like is, they are also going to check for the reference as well ( They are required to be static ). So what i would suggest is do not keep reference in the copy which you are uploading for the Plagiarism check.  You might get some accurate results due to that.

They do not charge anything to check your document for Plagiarism , So you can create an account for free and then upload your document (PDF/DOC) and wait for few minutes until it gives some results.

I am also attaching the Image of the page, so you can identify that easily. and i hope this will help you.



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