How to handle Millions of data in Excel

Can’t load your millions of data in to your Excel spreadsheet or Openoffice Calc, that is okay not a big problem.

All you need is this one super cool app, Free Huge CSV Splitter , This will allow you to split your files with millions of data in just a minute.

i hope the following snapshots will help you to understand the things.

Fig :1 Here i am facing the problem :


Fig : 2 I downloaded the App. and installed and i will provide the path to the file, which i require to split. My file contains 1600000 data/rows so that i want to divide that into two parts that is of 800000. so that is why i wrote 800000 in Line count.

Handle Millions of data in Excel

Fig : 3 Its show time, here is the output that i got in just few seconds (10 – 12 seconds) . They will append 0 and 1 at the end


I hope this post may help you. Let me know if you face any problem. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “How to handle Millions of data in Excel

  1. Hello,

    While I was going through this tutorial, I just thought of sharing an experience of mine. I recently came across this site, for data visualization and creating charts derived directly from excel sheets.
    It was good for me as day to day charting and data presentation was taking way too much of my time..
    I hope this info also might help few more of us.

    Well no harm in trying it for free..

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