Research Areas of Computer science in different IIT


1.  Indian institute of Technology Bombay


Computer networks/Sensor networks

Machine Learning/web mining/Data Mining

Algorithms and other theoretical aspects of cs

Natural language processing/AI

cloud computing

Embedded systems


Database and Information System

2.  Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Computer networks & Distributed computing

Computer Architecture/ VLSI

Visual perception /Image processing

Theoretical Computer Science

Programming Language & Compiler

Robotics/ Human Computer Interaction

computer graphics

3.      Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Computational Complexity Theory

Theoretical computer science

Graph theory

Algorithms and Quantum computing

4.    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Algorithms and complexity theory

AI and NLP

Computer graphics and Vision

Semantics and Verification, Programming Languages

Embedded system ,EDA, Computer Architecture

Computer Networks and wireless system

OS Virtualization, Multi-core and Parallel Computation,Cloud Computing

5.    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Artificial Intelligence

VLSI design , testing  and CAD Tools

Computational Algebra/Geometry/Graph theory/Number theory

Computer Networks


Formal Verification

Software Engineering

Security (Data, information, and network)

6.    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Communication Systems & Microprocessor Based Instrumentation

Distributed Computing, Performance Evaluation

Digital Communication, Cellular Mobile and Satellite Communication

Grid Computing  ,Cloud Computing. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

7.   Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Machine Learning & Data Mining

Distributed Systems

Algorithms, Computational Geometry

Networking and security

8.    Indian Institute of Science

combinatorial geometry, computational geometry

Machine learning /AI

stochastic control and optimization and stochastic simulation

Data Mining

Algorithms and Game Theory

computer networks  etc.

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3 thoughts on “Research Areas of Computer science in different IIT

    1. i forgot that, but to check that thing you can work with the wireshark , a network monitoring tool that will allow you go understand those details that you are looking for.

      Regards Hitesh.

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