A million-dollar bill [ $891,470.39 Victim of phone hacking ]

i found this story while checking out the news and yes as the title says a cell phone bill worth of  $891,470.39 seems so strange when something happens like this, i manage to get that snapshot , its down below.

Michael Smith, president of Todd Tool, holds a bill from AT&T for $891,470.39, which was billed to his company.


according to the news the phone hacker somehow got access to the company’s system, by dialing a company’s number and then randomly entering access   codes until they get in. Then they can often make calls to anywhere.   Michael Smith’s phone service was provided by the Verizon, and after the month the hacker got in to system , Verizon wrote off that $260,000 bill, wooooooo yeh its $260,000,

according to the news call were made to the Somalia and by AT&T it cost  $22 a minute, so instead of checking out for what purpose these calls were made, they are now busy in suing Smith.

Smith said the company’s lawyers have offered to settle the case by waiving the interest fees, about $197,000 and growing, if he pays the $891,470 bill for the calls.


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