Jonathan Ive, a man behind Apple’s ‘i’ theory.

Jonathan Ive, a man behind ” i ” , lead designer and conceptual mind behind Apple’s products, including the iMac[this was his first prototype, and ‘ i ‘ stands for ‘internet’ ], MacBook Air, iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Ive has more operational power than anyone at Apple, aside from the CEO.

The late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs stated during an interview with biographer Walter Isaacson that no one at Apple can tell Ive what to do – “that’s the way I set it up.”

Jonathan Ive
Jonathan Ive, a man behind Apple’s ‘i’ theory.

Ive is credited with helping the late Steve Jobs bring the consumer-electronics company back from the brink of financial ruin in the late 1990s with his whimsical design for the iMac computer, which originally came in bright colors at a time bland shades dominated the PC world.

In 1992, while Jobs was still in the midst of a 12-year exile from Apple, Ive was hired as a senior designer.

After Jobs returned, he and Ive worked closely, ushering in products that are sleek and stylish, with rounded corners, few buttons, brushed aluminum surfaces and plenty of slick glass.

Apple’s pride in this work is evident even in the packaging: Open up any iPhone box, for example, and see Apple proudly proclaim, “Designed by Apple in California.” Six of Ive’s works, including the original iPod, are part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


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