Speech Recognition Using Java [Project Speech @hitesh]

This is the demo of the project that i have been working on last few months, and that is working good, and looking forward to make some kind of changes within this, so if you have any cool ideas then let me know, i would love to work with any of you, share this if you like it, all the comments and the feedback are welcome. thanks @hitesh


52 thoughts on “Speech Recognition Using Java [Project Speech @hitesh]

  1. May i have the source code for this speech recognition program ?!
    i have to do a project and my project on speech recognition …
    so i need help

      1. hey, actually m able to work on code but editing dictionary has become a little difficult for me ..wud be very obliged , if u cud help me with dictionary i.e. the .gram file also if u cn help out with a sample of dictionary that u used for like “open paint and open browser” it wud be nice of you… thanx .. my email id is gursahibsingh62@gmail.com
        Thanx in advance for your help..

      2. hi paemarth.i olso need your help.i need to develop speech recognition using java.this monday i have to submit my project .it will be very kind of you if you plz help me out.thnx aloadz in advance

  2. nice effort , and above all im inspired by ur research , n look forward fr seeking help.. m making a same project as a minor , so if needed can u help me out if i stuck somewhere…
    Will be glad if u cud … Thanks in advance..

      1. Parmarhh am planning to do my final year project on speech recognition so i need ur help for it. Can you tell me what are things i need to start the project. Your project just inspired me to take it . I want you to guide me in technical specifications. Can you??:?

  3. Hello Sir,
    I am currently working on this project i.e Speech Recognization in Java…I followed the above steps you provided and it worked…So THANK YOU…BUT I need some more help regarding accuracy and other stuff…So i need to contact you…My email address is vickydoultani@gmail.com ….Expecting your early response…Thank you 🙂

  4. I actually want to write my own java program for speech recognition I have finished my 2nd year,so what should I or from where should I learn to do so?

  5. Hey ..i need some help regarding voice recognition…want to implement it in a website i am designing(using jsp and servlets)…but i am not able to find any resources or existing code as a reference…can you help me out?

  6. @HItesh parmarh g!! please give me the project or any help for developing this project sir. My sir has given me this project and i am stuck on it…please give some help on my mail id nishsonu@gmail.com. It will of very much useful sir.

    Thanks a lot in advance sir.

  7. amazing hitesh!!!!!!!! i am planning to start this voice recognition as my project!!!!! but want it as when i’ ll be saying it should write on notepad or word!!!! i want to prepare such a stuff!!!! is it posible??

    1. Hi there, that is really a good idea but i have never worked on that thing and never thought in that area as well, but i will surely let you know if i will find anything related to that stuff.
      Good Luck.

  8. Hitesh Please kindly give me basic guide step wise step for developing the speech recognition system . Also am not finding jar files in lib of sphinx alpha 4 .

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