Download video from youtube [without any software]

do you want to download the video from the youtube, but you don’t have any software for that, don’t worry,

you can download that video from the youtube within just a second, by following this steps:

Step 1 :- Copy that video Link  [when you would be playing video on youtube, in the addressbar it will be having some link, like ]

Step 2 :- Open the new tab/window in the browser and paste the link that you have copied.

Step 3 :- Replace the link by changing to in the copied link.

Example:-  copied link :-

                 replaced link :-

Step 4 :- After making such kind of changes in the link, hit the enter button and it will redirect to the other site from where you would be able to download your favorite video with various formats, without the need of any software.Image

 so have fun, and let me know if you find any problem with that.

Thanks and have a good time 🙂 @hitesh






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