developing speech recognizer using java [java+ sphinx – tutorial]

as i have mentioned in my blog that i will provide the code to develop the speech recognizer using java, so i thought it will be better to provide you the demo with the help of that you will be able to see that , actually how the things are going to work, and what are the thing that you have to take care of, so i will guarantee that , after watching this video you will be able to create your own Speech recognizer using the java + sphinx . so for that you are required to download few jar files. to get jar files go to the link :- , and to get the source code for the sphinix project check out this link it will allow you to download all the actual code that i have used in this demo to teach you the basic:- , so download and try that out and let me know if you find any problem, and if you have any idea that you want to work with so let me know i would love to work with all of you. thanks @hitesh


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