Want to retrive all the email id within the web page.

Few days back i came across one facebook page, and over there there was also the support for the Application of that one, and to you that application you need to have the invitation, and to get the invitation to use that app. people were mentioning their email ids like anything, and i thought if i could access all these emails and then we can use them for any purpose(promoting your pages/Advertisements whatever)

And for that i was looking forward to write the Code and to get that done, but before writing the number of lines of code, i just checked out for some of browser_plugin that can help me to do that, and i was very lucky that, just in the first search query i came across something that was really good, A Kind of browser_plugin that will do the same thing that i was looking for(it will grab all the email ids from the web page and then it will return me the Text file and it can also store all this things within the logs)

You can check out the link for that over here , its available for the internet Explorer and the Mozila Firefox, and you can download that from here.

Compare to some of the other emailgrabber this one is really cool and working really very smooth, so don’t waste time and download that its free and use if for the windows system.

I have provided the screenshot down below.

Retrived Email-ids

so have fun , C ya in the next post, and ya if you like this post , then dnt forget to share this. 🙂


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