When we consider the Java, at that time two things comes in to our mind, first one is the JDK(Java Development Kit) and the Second one is the JRE(Java Runtime Environment) still lots of people get confused regarding the work of that JDK and JRE, so in this post i will be telling something about the JDK and JRE.

JDK:- Java Development Kit, its a product of Sun Microsystem for the Java developers , it contains all the tools that you will need to compile a program(javac.exe) java application launcher (java.exe) , to develop the Applet programs and then to compile them it will provide the appletviewer, all such things are the part of the JDK, so to develop the Java program you can use any Editor(notepad) but to compile them you need to have the JDK installed in your system.

So if you just want to write the code and just want to complile the Files and want to collect those class files, and thats it then this is only for you, you wont be able to run that program, to run the java file you need to have the JRE(Java Runtime Environment) installed inside your system, then and only then you will be able to run those java programs.


JRE:- Java Runtime Environment, it contains the JVM(Java Virtual Machine), other library files and also some supporting files, that will help the program to execute.  JVM is the Thing that makes the JAva as a platform independent, and execute the java programs regardless on which platform its been developed,  so if you just want to run the java programs , applets (online java games, other things like online file browser) like if we take the Example of the online java application then the keepvid.com(for downloading the youtube videos) its an example of  java application, so when you will try to download the video from there , then it will ask you to download the JRE(if its not installed) else it will start the downloading the file.

JVM is the one,  which makes the java platform independet, and i will be posting regarding “Why java is platform independet” very shortly  🙂


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