Execute system commands using a Java Program

As i have already posted the stuff like the opening the command prompt using the Java code, and today i ll be providing list of some other commands with the help of that u can execute the command/function that you want to work with, and i will also be attaching the code too with this post so that you can download the code and work with that and also modify that as per your need,

These are the commands that you use to open directly from opening the RUN and type like “cmd” etc . this way i have used those commands with the Process class and Runtime class in Java, as you can refer the previous posts to know more about that, here is the screenshot of that application, i have used the applet for this and used simple Buttons with the label with the particular function, and inside that button’s click event i ll be executing the code, so here is the Screenshot of that application


as you can see that, with that GUI, you just need to click on the button, and that will open up that thing that you have clicked for, likewise if you click on the Command it will open up the Command prompt,and so on. you can download this code from here the password is “hitesh”,  and if you want to download the list of system  commands that you want to use for your application you can find it from here.


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