Virtual Music Studio

Hey are you one of those people who love to make new music all the time and always want to create some new music mixture, then this post is specially for you people..

Today i ll be telling you something about the online/virtual music studio, so if you want to crate some new music stuff with out purchasing those highly expensive tools, now you dnt have to worry abt that any more,

To start your own virtual Music studio just have to open your Browser and just type :-

and if you don’t think that, it gonna blow your mind then i am also showing you few pics of that studio so that you ll be able to know that, just for your purpose only. and ya i have also created a simple music junction which produces cool bit patterns, so here is the few effects of that, have a look and enjoy.

First Look
First LOok !

So this is the First look of your virtual Music Studio, as it provide many feature and all so its obvious that it will take some to load all the features and functionalities, so please have some patients or some time, while site gets ready for you.

choose the one which you like the most
choose the one, to rock in with your music !

After when all the features been loaded completely then you will be redirected to the following page, and from that you are required to select the category, which way you want to go,  whether you wanna use the inbuilt functionality means in that you gonna get the list of devices that are already loaded with the bits and some funky patterns.

lets get in to the funky bits with the preloaded tool

So i have just shown the demo of that per loaded virtual device with the cool funky patterns, as shown below and ofc. you can select the one that you like the most and use that to create your own funky beats 😉

My Creation
This is my creation to produce some cool beats and to have fun 😉

and Finally its time for my stuff to be played… lolz.. its just looks cool but you know i m actually to bad in creating the music so that i m just letting you guys to make music and have fun.

this is it from my side,  so create your tunes and let me know if you find some cool interesting beats and so that thats it.. take care Bye BYe.. 😉


2 thoughts on “Virtual Music Studio

  1. Its funny that anywhere in between working on all those applications, writing codes in eclipse, chatting on skype, Netbeans and reading all those PDFs….you got bored and thought how do I lighten up the mood…..
    Oh yes by writing a Blog and about something that is completely different from my usual working.

    Nice……Keep it up.

    1. yeh you got it all right…. i was just surfin and caught by this stuff which got me to write this post.. 😉

      and yup thanks for comments 🙂 have a happy Day 🙂

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