solution to eclipse.exe has stopped working !!!

As there are lots of people who might be using the eclipse for developing their application or projects, even i am one of thenm but few days back suddenly it stopped working,  and it was showing me the error that “eclipse.exe has stopped working ” and thats all nothing else and when i looked at the details i was not able to understand what exactly that problem was..  its like following

Eclipse Error message
Eclipse Error message

I also search it around google but still no exact solution or any help,  but just for the fun i downloaded the another version of this eclipse and it was the “eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR1-win32″, while i was using as the HELIOS and u know it started well, so i was surprised to know that, the one is working quite good an the other one is showing me the error, so i just did the one thing as shown below.


1) Copy the  ”eclipse.exe” form the any working eclipse editor.

2)paste and replace that eclipse.exe with the one which is not currently working(showing the error)

3) what are you waiting for its done, just click on it

and it would run as it was previously running, without any error just like this down below ,if you are not having the eclipse.exe click here  to get that, and replace it with your old eclipse.exe and it ll be ok.

finally it got working
finally it got working

so if you or any of your friend ever find this kind of problem in eclipse just do something like this….

Share this post if it helped you any how..  Thanks & regards – Hitesh parmar


8 thoughts on “solution to eclipse.exe has stopped working !!!

  1. Thanks. I had the same problem today and you’re suggested solution did the trick and got it working again. A bizarre one to say the least.

    1. you can do the same thing, if any of your friends are having the copy of eclipse then what you can do is copy that .exe and use it within your system.

      Hope that will work for you.

      Good Luck.

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