The Facebook “Like” Inspires Baby Names

As we know that the facebook like button just celebrated its completion of one year, and its booming in all the sites over the net.  You might see very less number of the sites which might not be having the facility of the liking that page on the facebook or sharing that page over the facebook…

facebook like inspires the baby names
facebook inspires the baby names

As in the Egypt  the Internet proved an invaluable tool to ignite protest into revolution in Egypt in January. Social-media services such as Facebook and Twitter were used by brave protesters to organize opinion , while services such as Flickr and YouTube allowed Egyptians to show what was happening at street level even when the government attempted to shut down the Internet.  After that immense support via the social network there was the baby “facebook” in Egypt and now its this one in Israeli couple has named their kid the “Like”

Seems like that people want their childs names to be unique and something very famous like “Like” or “facebook”, as we know that the few days back there was one man offering to name his son “Batman” if he can get 500,000 to become fans of his Facebook page

so this is the power of the Social network and ya don’t get surprised if you come to hear that the parents started offering to name their child “poke” in the near future…

share it on facebook and tweeter and provide your comments..


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