opera crashed

I have started playing poker in facebook just a few days back, but for that i was using the opera, there is not any kind of relationship between the Poker and the Opera, i don’t know why i went for that one, still its ok let me tell you my thing, that i faced during the use of this Browser, don’t know what is the reason, while i am playing suddenly it gets stop/crash , it does not allow me to do anything just keep on showing me that stupid screen, and it just take me to close it 😦

it is not for the once and twice it happens every time i play …… 😦

i don’t know about the reason for this one, but this is the first time i am facing such kind of problem while i am using any browser, it has never happened with the firefox or chrome while playing games…

So instead of using that opera i would prefer to use either Chrome or Firefox..

let me know if you have ever come across such kind of problem..

so this is it , for this post…


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