Create JAR file using the Eclipse IDE

After developing the application in the Eclipse its always bit boring to open an Eclipse all the time and then to run that Application,

Instead of doing this, we can do one thing that is Create a  .jar file of that application and run it every time you want it to be run.

So that today i ll be telling you the steps for creating the .jar file from your working application using the Eclipse IDE.

STEP 1 :- Open the Application(program/code) that you want to convert in .jar using the Eclipse.

STEP2 :- Right click on your project and go to Export in the Content Menu as shown


STEP3 :- Click on Export then you ll get the new window, from that Select the JAR as shown.

select jar
select jar

STEP4 :- Now provide the path , where you want to keep this Jar file by providing a valid name as follows.

name the jar file
name the jar file

STEP5 :- So click on finish and thats all, you are done with creating the JAR file, so execute and share it..  🙂

Still if you find any problem in this let me know…

Thanks & Regards -Hitesh Parmar.




11 thoughts on “Create JAR file using the Eclipse IDE

    1. you have to download a specific jar file that can work with the mobile device, because sometimes its been developed to work on the computers, i mean its like you can not run all the jar files on the mobile device. they should be supporting the mobile platform and their functions if they are supporting it will work, if they don’t support it may run but it will not make any effect on that.

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