Inovation in the Electric Sports Car

As we know that there are lots and lots of Innovations are going on in the Wold of Electric car or we call it as the “Green Car”.

Whenever it comes to the Electric car what we think is that “Its slow or its boring and its not fun to drive the electric car and ya one for sure we cant travel the long journey within this”. Thats what we all think but to prove, this perception is wrong and to prove the Efficiency of the Electric car the group of British students  have manufactured a electric car which runs on the Lithium ion phosphate batteries which drives two electric motors.


One of the main or the unique feature of this car is that it contains two motor and each motor drives one rear wheel directly so this keeps the drive very efficient.

According to the director(Alexander Shane) of this project the car can be driven on the top speed of 200 mph and can travel 350 km once the batteries are fully charged.

so to prove this they are set out with their car on tho the longest road of the World that is American pan highway 26000 km long from Alaska to Argentina.

before this trip they tested this car with the drive from London to Paris on a single charge, a road distance of 284 miles.


They call this car as “Super car” which is more efficient than the Gasoline car. On an avg gasoline car are 20% efficient where this one is 95% efficient.With this trip their name will also be written in to the Guinness book of world records. Please do watch the video of this Super car  here.

So what do you think about this kinda innovation in India. what do you think about this please post your comments.. Thank you.


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