Make a call from your Gmail Account

Now you are not required to go away to make a call from your mobile, Now you can make a call while you are siting infront of your Computer just with the help of the two thing the First: Microphone and the Speaker. and Second: You should be having a Google Account.

No Trinn-Trinn
Forget Boring Trinn-Trinn

Thus with the help of this two thing you can make calls easily within the USA and the CANADA for free and to the other countries its also at the very cheap rates.

Before Google jumped in to this “CALLING ” thing , the one whom people used to know was Skype that was the provider of such facility for making the free calls to USA and CANADA  and now The Google Expanding the facility with such things so hope its gonna be a good strategy by the Google to Attract more User.

This prototype will be implemented first in USA then to the other countries so all the people of United States gonna enjoy this kinda facility .

So for that

1>> You need you need to go to the following link that is been provided in to the Image

or click here.

Calling function
Calling function

2>>After that  from that you need to download that file and save it in to your PC .

Save the File
Save the File

3>> After that Install it, because that will install the Voice and Video plug-in After installing it the Gmail will automatically detect this thing when you gonna open the Gmail.

So it will provide the Fecality to make free USA and CANADA calls as well as the Cheap International calls too so we have to wait till it reaches in to the India so I am despreatly waiting to see that “CALL PHONE ” Symbol into my Gmail Account..

So what do you think does this thing will help Google to compete with the Skype or will this thing help to make any kind of difference in this world of faster communication.

Provide your comments and views about this and also about my blog to and what kind of stuff you want to read and all that… but till then … Enjoy the Life ([:-)


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