Keep your eyes on your Visitors.

Want to See the Live traffic over to your Blog or website, if yes then why don’t to use the traffic feed widget. and the feedjit provides this facility.

If you want to use simple feedjit widget, you can use it in any of your blog but the  wordpress doesnt allow you to use that Java script due to some security reason. So  to avoid that thing we can have Other option. I mean we can have the Image of the current traffic so that what are you waiting for just click here and get your Widget.

Live Traffic Feed
Live Traffic Feed

And if you want to find the total Numbers of visitors around the Glob, who took a look for your blog, you can also check that thing by using the Widget called Flag counter, you can get that widget by clicking here.


So this is it as shown from above two Superb widget you can keep your eyes to your visitors and also you can also access to the current traffic on your website as well as your blog…

So make your stuff Attractive.. and Njoy the Change and feel the Difference.! ;-0)


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