Monsoon with Bosky Umbrellas

There is a change in the every single things now a days then y not to change the Umbrellas, ya so now the change is here with the Bosky Umbrellas, its the Whole new  concept by the Boskey Doshi, for the latest Designer Umbrella.


And ya she is also getting the success in this new thing too this kind of designer umbrella is currently available in the cities like Mumbai and this Beautiful designer umbrella fever is increasing each and every day. in Mumbai you can catch this Bosky Umbrellas from the Shoppers stop.

The price starting from the nearly 350 to 450 and there’s a lot of choices in this which will make u confuse to which one to get.That’s what we actually need CHANGE so wait and watch till this beautiful umbrella to be within our hands under the rainy weather.

The Bosky Doshi, the one who actually brought this new concept to the people of india and also she is  thinking to touch the new levels of the market of all over the world and the really hats off to the lady for this new concept in the market, and wish her all the best for her view  and all the best wishes for her.

So njoy this rainy season with the cool new Bosky Umbrella…. happy monsoon.. 🙂


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