Novels turning into Novels@sms.

Yes good news for the book lovers. We’ve all heard of audio books, eBooks and just like this paper books that we used to read, But the latest era is to read the books by sms.That is to transferring the written words of the books in to SMS books! That’s right, Reliance Communications plans to start the new era of  SMS novels in India.

All this things will possibly done with the help of the data services provided by the company and through the service any user or customer ca subscribe to that book any time they want. The pricing is affordable. subscribers will be charged Rs. 30 for the full book, that means simple you are required to pay 1.Rs per day and that is so good for the reader because they do not need to carry their fav. anther’s book wherever they go so that its a good solution for them provided by the technology now a days and once its started there are chances that other companies will also take this thing in to the consideration and start this facility soon.

mini novel
mini novel

This kind of trend will be new to India but in Japan its there since last 1 and half year.

There seems to be only one regular problem that we will be facing would be that, when we are reading the novels at that time we want to keep on reading more as we read. so that there will be the facility that if you wanna continue reading then request for the more SMS. and thus how this thing will work out.

Yes its a good news for the novels readers  who love to read the books by the famous Auther.

So lets wait and watch for this facility to be launched in India. and hope to see the new reader’s revolution in the India..! (];-)


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