The Open source Browser “EPIC”

Feel the difference by The browser that is based on Mozilla’s Gecko layout engine and is being promoted as an Indian browser for India and its fully loaded with lots and lots of functionality that are new.The Epic open source Browser so called  Indian Browser that allows you to type in 11 Indian languages using one of the widgets.

Screenshot-Welcome to the Epic Browser - Epic
Screenshot-Welcome to the Epic Browser - Epic

Since, viruses are quite a problem, Epic allows you to scan your PC using ESET’s online antivirus scanner. From the features of the browser it is evident that the developers wanted to enable users to access web services like twitter, facebook and also perform part of their computing such as anti virus scanning, take notes etc. from within the browser itself.Epic is often called the browser for social media addicts.

Features of the Epic —->

1>lots of themes to choose from depending on the person.

2>Get access to the Tv channels like NDTV and others.

3>Get access to the live scores of cricket.

3>Music and all that facility just a click away.

4>Epic video – video from the you tube just on the side bar.

5>Access your “my computer” from the side bar and you can open upto 5 tabs.

6>Facebook,Twitter,Gmail, Orkut, yahoo all that just a click away on the side bar.

7>The main and a super cool facility of this browser, this will help you to get your destination with the direction in the proper manner with the time to reach there with its time to reach by car, and by walk so its something new.

8>Book your flight tickets with just a click from any of the countries like UK USA INDIA etc.

9>you can play On-line games too from the side panel.

10>provides the facility of backing up your files with the help of your Gmail account.

11>provide many more epic application that you can add in to your side bar from epic application that has been provided in to the side bar of the browser.

12>The superb facility that allow you to use the functionality of the ms.word and also you can save the file in to the format of the .html and it really good to get this kind of facility.

13>And the one good thing is also that by typing in English language you can translate that into your local language[like Gujarati] for sure so its something new that all the browser doesnt contain.

I have uploaded some of the screen shots of the Browser after its installation so it will help you to notice some of its functionality.

[1]Music just a click away….

Screenshot- songs Online, Latest Songs, Music at - Epic
Screenshot- songs Online, Latest Songs, Music at - Epic

[2]Twitter no need to go to the address bar to get you tweets, its just in the sidebar.

Twitter -Epic
Twitter -Epic

[3]For the Facebook addicts its like below. just click on the facebook symbol on the sidebar.

facebook -Epic
facebook -Epic

[4] specially my fav. find your destination is just too easy with Epic.

Find your place
Find your place

After that clicking on the MENU you need to select for the Direction and you will be provided the following interface.

Direction - Epic
Direction - Epic

[5]Book your Flight tickets with the trusted organization of the country.

Traveling is Easy - Epic
Traveling is Easy - Epic

[6] Superb facility of the word with the different languages

Screenshot-Epic Write - Epic
Screenshot-Epic Write - Epic

thus how it provides such facility as shown above and also many more too,and after all its fully loaded so it might take some time to load depending on your system but that is not the matter due to such can download the epic browser by clicking here and also its open source so just try it for once and experience the change.. Njoy the difference… <:D


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