Gujarat Gears Up To Use Linux In Schools and Sachivalaya too

Its really a good news that Gujarat is moving its step in to the world of the Linux[opensource].

The Gujarat Government  has decided to do away with the well known Microsoft Windows and looking forward to put a step into the world of the LINUX for use in nearly about 3650 schools in the state,so nearly that much schools might be installed with Linux OS which is  internationally regarded as alternative to Windows OS, yes its really exciting news.

The state government is expecting the saving of about 100 million by installing the LINUX operating system into the school instead of Microsoft WIndows


“If the experiment in schools is successful, we will go ahead and do it for computers in Sachivalaya, too”,  chief minister Narendra Modi said, adding, “Installation of Microsoft Windows OS on each computer costs Rs 5,000. With Linux, we will save huge sums.”

So if the single computer cost of 5000 in the market due to the negotiation of the state government it will cost them nearly about the 3000 bucks but where as when it comes to the LINUX its opensource so you are not required to worry about the Lisence versoin as we do like Windows so it will help the government in the huge manner.

One thin is also sure to consider that shifting from windows os. to directly to the Linux it might take time for the computer teachers in the schools because all the teachers in the government schools might not be familiar with the Linux os, So for that the “Government will manage to arrange a classes or kind of special batches to provide the training to the teacher in learning the Linux with the topic related to Downloading of it and how to use it and to work with it.” ,the State education secretary Hasmukh Adhia said

so if this experiment turn in to a success for the Government schools then the same change will take place to the Gujarat Sachivalayas, and that will reasult in a great saving of funds for the state government and it will be a good achievement or we can say a huge accomplishment for Gujarat state..!

so we will be looking forward to see this change as early as possible come in to the action in Gujarat, and hope that money(saved) will be used for the development of the Gujarat. so wish them all d very best who are going to make this happen from all the Gujarati..! *<:{)

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