Cell phone cover that turns into a sunflower

i know that it might be little bit confusing or may be it looks like a joke by reading line “CELL PHONE COVER THAT TURNS INTO A SUNFLOWER”.

yeh it looks like that but you know it’s not a joke or something like that its a real story that right now booming in the market.

Scientists are saying that they have come up with  a new developed cell phone cover that will grow into a sunflower whenever it will be thrown a away.

The material company  PVAXX RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  at the request of US based mobile maker MOTOROLA has come up with the polymer that looks like any other plastic material, but that degrades into a soil when discarded.

Researcher at the university of Warwick  in the Britain, helped to develop a phone cover that contains the seed of the sunflower. its only about the cover but what about the rest of the phone. That is still a question in the everybody’s mind.


The developers says that this will surely be helpful to absorb the carbon dioxide that has been generated during the manufacturing of the phone for sure, so its good hear about the new thing being developed each day.. i ll be uploading more on this as i ll get more update on this Topic.


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