Wanna chat with your friends having Gma!l,yaHoo and other accounts..! its too easy with Empathy in Ubuntu all the time..!

For the Ubuntu users, instead of Searching for google’s Magic called g-talk over the net for the Download and all the updates ….

The simple and easy thing is to use the facility[“Empathy”] provided by the Ubuntu in the Default for the users who love to chat with all the friends around the world instead of opening accounts of yahoo or G mail etc.

here I have mentioned steps to get within the Empathy

STEP 1>First thing you can find the Empathy on the top right corner panel of your screen which represents a symbol of the Message so click on that else

the other way to find the Empathy is to Go to APPLICATION–INTERNET–EMPATHY IM CLIENT


select for the first option and  press FORWARD

STEP 2> now to chat with your friends plese provide your account information to get access to that account.

please select your favorite one(eg. Google talk) from the list that is provided to you

Chat acc. detailsChat acc. details

STEP 3>Click on Apply to get access to your account.

After that you will be getting the following interface so that you can get the details of all your on line as well as off line friends so that you can have a chat with them whenever you want to..!

get Access to ur ID
get Access to ur ID

STEP 4> Still its not done with the Empathy..! you can also create more than one account in this so to create that have a look.

create a new acc.
create a new acc.

After that you will be having the following window which will ask for the new account to be created.

Select a new Client
Select a new Client

after clicking on to the Account you will be having the following window in which you are required to fill your details

Enter your details..
Enter your details..

So now EDIT + ACCOUNT + provide your details  = Account created

So enjoy chatting with your friends any time you want within just a single click no need to provide same and same details all the time….! so Enjoy…………[]:)


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