Stay updated with Ubuntu and enjoy the world of Opensource..!

This post is all about how to update the Version of your Ubuntu or we can say to update the changes that has been made in any packages  that we have installed in our System…

There are Basically two methods to get Update for your Ubuntu Packages

Method 1>With the use of Terminal you can keep your system updated


—step 2>after opening the terminal type the following code

:~$ sudo apt-get update

and that will ask you to enter your password

—step 3>after entering the password press enter and you will be having the following Image.

updating the packages

—step 4> Close the Terminal and Enjoy the Change ……;)

Method 2> this method will help you to install all the updates by providing the well defined GUI..!

if you don’t want to update all the packages and just need to update only selected ones at that time this will help you a lot.

you can do it as shown below.


update manager
update manager

—step 2> Select all the packages of which you want to have an Update

and click on the Install Update to Update all that packages.

—step 3> it will ask for a password and provide it so that it can download all the     updates that is selected by you and after that you will be having following message like your system is upto date if you have updated all the packages

up to date
up to date

—step 4> close the Update Manager and Enjoy the Change ……;)

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