How to make a request for the Free Ubuntu Cd..!

Ubuntu is always available for download free of charge, but for people who are suffering from the problem of Bandwidth or Unable to Download it, they can make a request for a free CD of a latest version.

The delivery of the CD may take 8 to 10 weeks, so if you are having a good Internet speed then go for Downloading that will be the Better option.

The Ubuntu comes with two different edition

1> Desktop Edition

2>Server Edition

To download or to make request for any of the Ubuntu Edition you have to check for the followin site from where you gonna get your CD at your home..!

click here to get your free Ubuntu CD.

if you have already made a request for the CD then you can also get the information about the status of your free Ubuntu CD, with a single click on that same page, having link called STATUS. so that you can also get information related to that .

So this is how you can make s request for a free CD. Enjoy the world of Opensource..!

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