Downloading a video from youTube in Ubuntu.. Not a big Deal..!

You can Download any of your favorite video from youTube by simply witting the following command in your Terminal

–> youtube-dl http://Link of the video

youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from

For that first you need to Install the package called “youtube-dl”

Following steps will help in installation and downloading the video..!


and make sure that you have set your repositories to UNIVERSE and if not then you can do it by  SYNAPTIC PACKET MANAGER–SETTING–REPOSITORIES–UNIVERSE(select it if its not selected)


step 2> Type youtube-dl in the area called Quick search in SYNAPTIC PACKET MANAGER


just have a right click on the youtube-dl and choose MARK FOR INSTALLATION

setp 4> After its marked for Installation then all you have to do is just click on APPLY Button for Installation of the package in your System.

step 5>once its Installed in your System you can directly go to Terminal

Type youtube-dl [ur link]

use of youtube-download
use of youtube-dl

it will automatically store your video at your Home folder that you can find it through the PLACES

step 6>Enjoy your youTube video……..[:)


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