Downloads and Sources of Linux.

If you’re interested in running Linux indefinitely or permanently, you can also download versions designed to be installed on your hard disk. Here is some information you should know.

  • You should have a high-speed Internet connection (T3, T1, xDSL, cable modem). Trying to download a major vendor’s version of Linux will most likely be a frustrating experience with a dial-up modem connection.
  • You’ll need the ISO images or a DVD image for the distribution you want to download which you must then copy or “burn” into a CD or DVD.
  • If you already run another operating system, you must re-partition your hard disk in order to install a “standard” Linux distribution.
  • When you download Linux from the Internet. You are not entitled to that particular distributor’s technical support. You will have to look for the documentation that you need in order to resolve any problems you might run into or seek appropriate help on websites or in other Internet forums.

In other words, if you don’t have a high-speed connection to Internet or a drive that writes to blank CDs or DVDs, then downloading is probably not the best way for you to get a full-featured Linux distribution. You can, though, depending on your location, get Linux free in magazines or from retailers that will sell you a distribution on one or more CDs at very low cost. Distributions obtained in this way do not usually include documentation or support. There are also many books that include a Linux distribution.

Top selling titles

  1. Red Hat Linux 9 Bible
  2. Linux in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition
  3. Running Linux, Fourth Edition
  4. Linux Kernel Development
  5. Building Embedded Linux Systems
  6. Programming Perl
  7. Beginning Linux Programming

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